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Free shipping from 129 €
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Returns in 30 days
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Over 17,000 products

Returns & Complaints

Detailed information on returns and complaints for customers buying into Italy can be found here.


1.The right to withdraw from the sale agreement (return) in accordance with Article 27 of the Consumer Rights Act, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days when purchasing online. That right applies to the consumer, and therefore not the natural person conducting economic activity, who used the goods to conduct this activity.  

2. The return of the goods can be made based on proof of purchase. The returned goods should not bear any signs of wear. The consumer may withdraw from the purchase agreement within extended period of up to 30 days from the date of purchase. 

The goods should be returned with the RETURN FORM and the note “RETURN” to the following address: 

Ul. Graniczna 11 
05-090 Sękocin Nowy

3. The cost of shipping to Strefa Tenisa during the return shall be borne by the sender.  

4. Cash on delivery returns will not be received. 

5. In case of full return of the order, the refund includes the value of the returned goods together with any shipping costs (located on the receipt). In the case of a partial refund, the amount transferred will not include shipping costs. 

6. When returning an item, the system shall subtract the values of the ordered products from the order history, which affects the discount threshold achieved in the Loyalty System. 

7. A refund for the returned goods will be made, no later than 14 days after receiving the returned goods from the Customer. The refund applies to the cost of the product(s) including delivery costs (only in the case of a full refund). The refund is made by the same payment method used for the order. For orders paid on delivery, the refund is made to the bank account indicated by the customer  



 1. In case of a complaint, please fill in legibly and deliver to the stationary shop or ship to the address: STREFA TENISA Ul. Graniczna 11 05-090 Sękocin Nowy (along with the goods complained of) complaint form. In particular, the following must be provided: name, surname, contact details (e-mail, telephone) and a detailed description of the defect of the complaint product. A proof of purchase (receipt/invoice, proof of payment, order number) must be sent with the complaint product. The goods under complaint must be cleaned of any soiling.  

 2. Cash on delivery parcels will not be accepted.  

 3. Please note that the goods sent as part of the complaint must meet the basic hygiene requirements. The Customer is obliged to submit the products complained clean, without any dirt, and hygienically harmless, i.e., without any unpleasant odours.  

 4. In case of accepted complaints, we guarantee the refund by bank transfer to the account indicated by the Customer.  

 5. In accordance with Article 558 § 1 of the Civil Code, the Seller's liability under the warranty for the Product to the Customer who is not a consumer is excluded. 




1. Fill in the form and send a scan of it by email to: [email protected]

2. If there is a problem with completing/submitting a scan of the form you can include information in the email in particular:

a) reason of complaint (indication of damage),
b) date when the defect was found,
c) complaint Request,
d) proof of purchase (receipt/invoice, order number, payment confirmation),
e) bank account number in case the complaint is accepted;

3. Photos of the complaint product in its full form and a photo of the reported damage must be attached to the application.

4. After initial verification, you will receive a confirmation that the goods have been accepted for the complaint process or a request to provide additional information.

5. In some cases it will be necessary to deliver the product for inspection. We will then inform you to send the complaint physically to:
ul. Graniczna 11 
05-090 Sękocin Nowy

6. Your application will be processed within 14 days and you will receive a decision at the e-mail address from which we received your complaint.

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