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Cones Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - yellow

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Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - yellow

13.40€ * Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - yellow
Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - Yellow Outline Intensify and spruce up your training routine... more

Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - Yellow


Intensify and spruce up your training routine with the Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - Yellow, an essential training tool that offers unparalleled versatility to all stages of your fitness journey. Crafted from high-grade material and engineered to perfection, the hurdle is designed to withstand the rigors of intensive training while being incredibly easy to assemble.


  • Quality Material: Crafted with a refined 25mm thick material, this Pro's Pro Training Hurdle guarantees proficiency and durability. Its robust design ensures it withstands extensive usage during your high-intensity workout sessions.
  • Easy Installation: The training hurdle offers an effortless assembly process, leaving you more time to focus on your training. It's user-friendly installation design makes it an ideal fit for anyone looking to enhance their agility training.
  • Optimal Dimensions: This Pro's Pro Training Hurdle measures 60 cm in width and approximately 34 cm in height, an ideal size for a wide array of training exercises. Its well-calibrated dimensions provide an optimal balance between challenging and achievable for a range of athletic abilities.
  • Energetic Yellow: Its brilliant yellow color renders a vibrant feel during your workouts and aids in visibility, thereby preventing any unintentional injuries during rapid pace exercises.

Additional Information

  • Manufacturer's Code: V070


Whether you are an aspiring athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the Pro's Pro Training Hurdle 12 - Yellow makes an ideal addition to your training kit. Surpass your performance goals with this dynamic fitness tool that brings together the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and simplicity. For an unmatched training experience, add the Pro's Pro Training Hurdle to your regimen today!

Product number: ST64813
Product code: V070
Main color: yellow
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