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Cones Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P - blue

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Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P - blue

9.90€ * Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P - blue
Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P - Blue Product Overview Elevate your training sessions... more

Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P - Blue

Product Overview

Elevate your training sessions to professional level with the Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P in blue. Our training cones are specifically designed for various drills and exercises on the tennis court, boosting your agility, speed and coordination skills. Manufactured with attention to detail and an unyielding commitment to superior quality, these training cones truly stand a class apart.

Features & Specifications

Color: The vibrant shade of blue not only adds a pop of color to your training equipment but also increases visibility during outdoor sessions, thereby ensuring optimal functionality. The main color of these cones is blue to give you a vivid and appealing training setup. Size: These hexagonal disc cones boast a diameter of 20cm, making them the ideal size for a variety of agility and speed drills. This exceptional size offers plenty of space for fast footwork and complicated patterns without hindering your performance. Hexagonal Design: The striking hexagonal shape provides superior stability on all types of surfaces. Whether you are practicing on grass, cement, or artificial turf, these cones will stay upright and in place, providing reliable performance through your most intense training sessions. Connectivity: Enjoy the option of linking these cones with other accessories, allowing you to customize your training experience according to your needs. Build intricate drills or create extensive training courses – with these cones, the sky's the limit. Manufacturer's Code: The product comes with the manufacturer's code 100277 to verify its authenticity and ensure that you are indeed getting the top-quality equipment that you’ve paid for.

Upgrade your Training with Yakimasport

Incorporating these cones into your routine offers countless advantages. From developing faster footwork to enhancing overall court awareness, these training cones are your ticket to excellent performance. Remember that the best athletes don't train until they get it right; they train until they can't get it wrong. Make the Yakimasport Hexagonal Disc Cone 10P – Blue, part

Product number: ST74257
Product code: 100277
Main color: blue
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