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Medicine ball Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg

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Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg

36.48€ * Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg
Enhance Your Workout with the Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg Introduction Introducing the Pro's... more

Enhance Your Workout with the Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg


Introducing the Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg, a perfect partner for your all-encompassing training needs. Not only will it add an efficient tool to your fitness regime, but its attractive two-tone design also brings a splash of style to your workout gear.

Multi-faceted Fitness Tool

The Pro's Pro Medizinball is not merely a fitness ball, it’s a versatile and dynamic piece of sports equipment. Weighing 3 kg, it’s designed to intensify your everyday workout, challenging your stamina, muscles, and coordination. It’s perfect for integrated strength and endurance exercises, and because of its versatility, can be used to target specific muscle groups and compliment a range of exercise routines – enhancing your general fitness and body balance.

Dual-tone Design

For those who appreciate good aesthetics along with functionality, this ball comes in an appealing dual-tone design. Its visual attractiveness does not compromise its sturdiness or grip, ensuring you maintain a strong hold during your intense workout.

Durable and Long-lasting

Fabricated with a top-notch, robust material, the Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg promises long-term durability, effectively resisting wear and tear from prolonged use. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, delivering reliable performance under different training conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Pro's Pro
  • Product: Medizinball
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Manufacturer's Code: I196C
  • Two-tone design


Choosing the right workout gear can greatly impact your fitness journey. The Pro's Pro Medizinball 3 kg, with its multifunctional nature and striking design, could be the game-changing addition you need for a more comprehensive and efficient training experience.

Product number: ST28329
Product code: I196C
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