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Resistance parachute Yakimasport Speed Chute (Large-56in.)

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Yakimasport Speed Chute (Large-56in.)

34.90€ * Yakimasport Speed Chute (Large-56in.)
Yakimasport Speed Chute (Large-56in.) Experience an innovative and empowering way to improve... more

Yakimasport Speed Chute (Large-56in.)

Experience an innovative and empowering way to improve your athletic performance with the Yakimasport Speed Chute. Specially designed for athletes who are serious about pushing their performance to the next level.

Absolute Performance Enhancer

A unique piece of resistance equipment that requires the user to push themselves harder in their training. As you run, the chute opens, creating an air resistance that forces you to work harder. This challenge against wind resistance leads to improved performance, providing you with the strength and resilience needed to outperform your personal bests and stay ahead of the competition.

Convenience and Comfort

Our Yakimasport Speed Chute comes with an adjustable waist belt, allowing users of varying body sizes and shapes to comfortably use the product. The adaptability of the belt makes it easy to put on and take off, reducing any unnecessary interruptions in your high-intensive workouts. The set also includes a carrying bag, making it easy to transport the chute where you need it. Whether you're going for a run in the park or headed to the gym, you can carry your chute with ease and convenience.

Unbeatable Dimensions & Specs

This large chute is sized at a substantial 56 inches, creating the ideal drag for any athlete wanting to push their boundaries. The dimensions offer optimum resistance, pushing you to exert more effort and gradually improve your speed and stamina over time. This Speed Chute has the following specifications: * Package Quantity: 1 piece * Manufacturer's Code: 100040 Incorporate the Yakimasport Speed Chute into your training regimen and witness a significant leap in your performance. Your journey to peak fitness, speed, and power starts here. Greatness awaits, and it's just a run away. Invest in Yakimasport Speed Chute today and be the athlete you've always wanted to be.

Product number: ST74270
Product code: 100040
Packing (number of pieces): 1
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