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Junior tennis rackets Yonex Ezone Junior 25


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Age and height: 8-10/126-140
Weight: 245
Length (inches): 25
Head size (cm2): 710
String pattern: 14/15
Producent code: YJ25GE
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55.40€ * Yonex Ezone Junior 25
Yonex Ezone Junior 25 Meet the Yonex Ezone Junior 25, beautifully colored in calming sky blue.... more

Yonex Ezone Junior 25

Meet the Yonex Ezone Junior 25, beautifully colored in calming sky blue. Tailored especially for young tennis enthusiasts aged between 8 to 10 years or with a height between 126 to 140 cm, this aluminum-made tennis racket is designed to ignite the passion for tennis in the hearts of beginners and intermediate players.

Innovative Design for an Enhanced Performance

This junior racket comes with an isometric, enlarged head and an open string pattern, making it an ideal choice for budding athletes embarking on their tennis journey. The enhanced head size allows for a wider sweet spot, increasing the chances of hitting the ball with precision and power.

Comfort and Dynamic Features for Future Tennis Stars

The Yonex Ezone Junior 25 knows the needs of a growing player. It focuses on offering both dynamics and comfort in the gameplay. This racket has a string tension that brings stability and helps to create an impressive repulsion, giving each strike an extra push. As your young one swings throughout the court, the comfortable grip ensures they do so without straining their hands, allowing effortless shots.

Perfect for Regular and Occasional Play

Whether your young player takes the court several times a week, a few times a month, or just a handful of times a year, the Yonex Ezone Junior 25 is designed to adapt and shine. Weighing only 245g, it is light enough to be a strong companion in all those extensive practice sessions and thrilling matches.

Incredible Durability and Convenience

This racket also comes with a half-cover to keep it protected when it's not vigorously sending tennis balls flying across the court. With a length of 25 inches (63.5 cm), a 710cm2 head size, and a 14/15 string pattern, this tennis racket proves its focus on durability and convenience.

Product number: ST86007.1
Product code: YJ25GE
Kolor: Turquoise
Age and height: 8-10/126-140
Weight: 245 ? more
Length (inches): 25
Lenght: 63,5 ? more
Head size (cm2): 710 ? more
String pattern: 14/15 ? more
Material: aluminium
Cover: yes
String: yes
Choosing the right racket makes playing tennis easier and more fun. This is especially... more
How to choose a racket for a child

Choosing the right racket makes playing tennis easier and more fun. This is especially important in childhood. Kids rackets are shorter, lighter, and have smaller handle sizes than senior rackets. Better-quality and more expensive children's rackets are made of graphite composites. The sizes of the handles of children's rackets are normally matched to the size of the rackets. All children's rackets have factory-made strings, which are rarely replaced due to the fact that tennis classes for younger children (4-8 years) should be conducted with balls with reduced compression and also because children do not hit the balls as hard as adults. It should be remembered that when choosing a racket for a child, apart from his age, it is also necessary to take into account physical conditions such as height and weight.


To correctly choose the size of the racket for the height and age of the child, use the following diagram:

Racket length

17/19 inches

21 inches

23 inches

25 inches

26 inches

Approximate height

89 - 99 cm

100 - 112 cm

113 - 125 cm

126 - 140 cm

141 - 165 cm

Approximate age

2 - 4 years

4 - 6 years

6 - 8 years

8 - 10 years

10 - 12 years

Junior racket handle sizes G 2 = 4 1/4 inches = 108 mm G 1 = 4 1/8 inches = 104 mm G 0 = 4... more

Junior racket handle sizes

G 2 = 4 1/4 inches = 108 mm
G 1 = 4 1/8 inches = 104 mm
G 0 = 4 inches = 100 mm
G 00 = 3 7/8 inches = 98 mm
G 000 = 3 3/4 inches = 95 mm
G 0000 = 3 5/8 inches = 92 mm
G 00000 = 3 1/2 inches = 89 mm

There are no markings in millimeters on the rockets. We converted inches to centimeters to make it easier to choose the right handle if you cannot pick up the racket in your hand.


You won’t find grip size markings in centimetres. To make it easier, we converted inches to centimetres, to help you choose the right size. It will be useful for you when you are unable to try the racket in the shop, e.g. when you want to buy a racket in the online store.

Information about the size of the grip is usually located on its bottom. Size of the grip is very important, however in contrast to the head size, not because different sizes give different effects during the game. Grip circumference must be precisely matching players hand size, only then the player may be sure that his grip will be firm, the racket will be stable in their hand, and the wrist won’t be overstrained.


The first method may be done without the racket, using only a ruler.

1. Straighten your hand and measure the distance from its centre to the end of the ring finger.

2. The result should be compared with the size chart, which we presented above which grip size should I choose.



The second method in which we may check if a certain grip is good for us will work only if we have a choice of few rackets with different grip sizes. If you don’t have one, you can always use a racket of your friend and see if his grip is good for you.

1. Grab the racket as on the picture above.

2. If the index finger of the other hand fits between the thenar eminence of the thumb and the fingertips, it means that the grip has proper size.

3. If there is too much space between the thenar eminence of the thumb and the tips of your fingers and your index finger cant fill this space, it means that the grip is too large and you should choose the grip with smaller circumference.

4. If you can’t fit your index finger it means that the grip is too small, and you should choose a racket with a bigger circumference.



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