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Balance disc Schildkröt Yoga Block - grey/pink


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Schildkröt Yoga Block - grey/pink

9.40€ * Schildkröt Yoga Block - grey/pink
Schildkröt Yoga Block - Grey/Pink Experience the perfect blend of balance and flexibility with... more

Schildkröt Yoga Block - Grey/Pink

Experience the perfect blend of balance and flexibility with the Schildkröt Yoga Block in an appealing grey and pink shade. This distinctive block is an exceptional piece of equipment that adds variety to your tennis training regime.

Multiple Application Fitness Aid

Become a master of your game by incorporating the grey/pink Schildkröt Yoga Block that offers a vast range of exercises possibilities. Utilise it for a pre-game warm-up to stretch your muscles or as a balance tool for strength training. This versatile block is your ultimate partner in improving flexibility, enhancing balance, and promoting overall performance on the court.

Beauteous Grey/Pink Yoga Block

Packed as a single piece, the grey/pink Schildkröt Yoga Block comes with an elegant design which appeals to tennis players who aim for style and functionality. The main shade of cool grey with a hint of pink is understated yet attractive, making this accessory not just a fitness tool but also an appealing piece in your workout collection.

Professional Quality Promise

Trust in Schildkröt to promote longevity in your performances and aid in the betterment of your games. Fulfill your training needs with the Schildkröt Grey/Pink Yoga Block, the perfect equipment to diversify your tennis workout while ensuring you remain at the top of your stamina! Trust in the quality of Schildkröt, and make the grey/pink yoga block your go-to fitness aid.

Product number: ST79758
Packing (number of pieces): 1
Product code: 960136
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