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Sliding disc SKLZ Slidez 2p

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SKLZ Slidez 2p

38.40€ * SKLZ Slidez 2p
Intensify Your Tennis Workouts with SKLZ Slidez 2P The SKLZ Slidez 2P is a training device... more

Intensify Your Tennis Workouts with SKLZ Slidez 2P

The SKLZ Slidez 2P is a training device specifically designed to strengthen the leg muscles, significantly enhancing speed and agility on the tennis court. This versatile training tool will bring your tennis workouts to the next level. The Slidez 2P is sure to become an indispensable element of your daily training routine, no matter your skill level.

Effective, Smooth Sliding Workouts

Featuring a low-friction surface, the Slidez allow for smooth, unrestricted movements across any surface. The efficiency of your leg exercises will be amplified, pushing you to reach new caretaker depths and explosive power on your serves and returns.

Non-Slip Surface for Stability

Designed with a non-slide surface, the Slidez provide reliable grip, preventing any unintentional sliding of feet or hands during your workout. This stability feature contributes to a safe training environment, allowing you to focus exclusively on your performance.

Train in Dual Directions

This comes with integrated connectors, allowing you to train in both directions. Improve your lateral quickness, forward acceleration, and flexible movement, mimicking the burst of energy that’s essential in a perfect tennis game.

Sleek and Durable

In stylish black, the SKLZ Slidez 2P matches any workout gear. They come in a pack of two and hold up against several rigorous workout sessions, ensuring a long-lasting training companion for your intensive tennis practices.

Challenge your endurance and precision in a whole new way on court with the SKLZ Slidez 2P. Come and experience the power of targeted training!

Product number: ST73475
Packing (number of pieces): 2
Product code: SLDS-001
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