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Training wheels Schildkröt Pilates Ring - green


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Schildkröt Pilates Ring - green

18.90€ * Schildkröt Pilates Ring - green
Schildkröt Pilates Ring - Your Go-To Workout Equipment Meet the perfect companion to your... more

Schildkröt Pilates Ring - Your Go-To Workout Equipment

Meet the perfect companion to your tennis training regimen - the Schildkröt Pilates Ring. Beyond serving an added layer of intensity to your fitness routine, it is also a fantastic way to diversify your workout and train your whole body.

High-Quality Design

The Schildkröt Pilates Ring does an impressive job at balancing function and design. Manufactured according to the highest quality standards, this piece of equipment guarantees durability and resilience, no matter how tough your workouts get. It makes your body work harder, resulting in increased intensity and a wider range of motion.

Attractive, Ergonomic & Portable

Designed with an eye-catching green color, this Pilates Ring adds a pop of color that complements your sporty style. But it's more than just a pretty shade. The ring's ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use. Whether you want to increase your strength, flexibility, or balance, it's got you covered!

Apart from being compact, the Pilates Ring is feather-light, making it easy to carry around. It fits perfectly into your bag and allows you to maintain your fitness level wherever you are.

Product number: ST79723
Packing (number of pieces): 1
Product code: 960141
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