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Cones Pro's Pro Marking Cone with holes 1P - dark blue


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Pro's Pro Marking Cone with holes 1P - dark blue

4.40€ * Pro's Pro Marking Cone with holes 1P - dark blue
Pro's Pro Marking Cone with Holes 1P - Dark Blue: Enhance training sessions with... more

Pro's Pro Marking Cone with Holes 1P - Dark Blue: Enhance training sessions with professional-grade equipment!

Whether you are a professional trainer or just looking to increase efficiency in your personal workouts, the Pro’s Pro Marking Cone with holes in Dark Blue is a versatile tool that you can add to your training regimen. With its striking dark blue color and a height of 38cm, it is sure to add a professional tone to your routine.

Sturdy Design and Durable Materials

Manufacturer's Code - V218B

The Pro's Pro Marking Cone has been designed with top-grade, durable material, ensuring it withstands the rigors of intense training sessions. Lightweight yet robust, this cone can endure prolonged usage, enabling you to focus on your training without worrying about the performance of your equipment.

Features and Usability

Standing at a height of 38cm, this cone offers excellent visibility and is ideal for a range of different exercises. Its design includes holes, allowing for use with poles to create hurdles, adding diversity and challenge to your training routine.

Dark Blue Color

Its eye-catching dark blue color not only adds a dash of vibrancy to your training but also enhances visibility, ensuring safety during exercises and rapid location in case of setup changes in your training lineup.

Product versatility

From directing running paths, improving agility, or even using as a goal post in mini sports, this product proves multifunctional. Irrelevant of being a professional coach or a sports enthusiast, the Pro's Pro Marking Cone can add depth and versatility to your training sessions, games, and drills. In conclusion, the Pro's Pro Marking Cone with Holes 1P in Dark Blue is an essential training utility. Delivering longevity, function, and a dash of color, it is designed to enhance your training regimen, regardless of your sport or discipline. Step up your training game with this professional-grade marking cone.

Product number: ST80188
Product code: V218B
Main color: navy blue
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