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Voucher Terms And Conditions

valid from 22.04.2022


I. Definitions


1. Issuer - Strefa Tenisa Sp. z o.o. S.K. with its registered seat in Warsaw at 12 Bohaterów Września Avenue, 02-389 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000545256; the registration court where the company's documentation is kept: District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register; NIP: 7010469498; REGON: 360859723;

2. Internet shop - online shop offering tennis products and services for sale. The online shop is owned by the issuer.

3. Tennis Zone Voucher, hereinafter referred to as Voucher - a discount code in the form of a printed card issued by the issuer to bearer, entitling the Holder to purchase on its basis the Goods offered at the online shop:; the issuer may individualise each of the issued vouchers by assigning an individual identification number to it.

4. Purchaser - a person who purchases a Voucher from the issuer in exchange for transferring money to the issuer, and also a person who receives a Voucher from the issuer funded by an amount determined arbitrarily by the issuer as part of promotional and marketing campaigns conducted by the issuer;

5. Holder - a person using the Voucher when buying the Merchandise in the online shop at;

6. Merchandise - clothing, footwear, sports equipment, accessories and services offered for sale in the online shop, however Vouchers and gift cards shall not be deemed merchandise.


II. General conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions set out the general conditions for the Holder's use of the Voucher.

  2. The Regulations apply to Goods purchased in the online shop operated under the domain The rules for the return of Goods purchased in the aforementioned shop are defined in: Regulations of the Internet shop and relevant provisions of the law.

  3. In return for the payment of funds received from the Purchaser in an amount equal to the initial nominal value of the Voucher, the issuer undertakes to transfer the Voucher to the Purchaser and to accept it for redemption in the online shop The transfer of the Voucher to the Purchaser may only be made by the shipping methods offered by the Seller. A Voucher may not be given in exchange for funds on another Voucher. The Voucher may not be redeemed for cash in an amount lower than its nominal value, which means in particular that no promotions, discounts, sales or other price reductions shall apply to the Voucher. The Voucher may be issued against the following payments made by the Customer: cash, payment card, credit card or other fast online payment

  4. Goods purchased using a voucher shall be returned in accordance with the general rules

  5. A refund for goods purchased with a voucher shall be made to the bank account provided by the customer no later than 14 days after the return

  6. The initial nominal value of the Voucher received in exchange for cash may be, at the Purchaser's choice, not less than 50,00 PLN and not more than 5000,00 PLN.

  7. The voucher can only be used in the online shop or phisical shops in Warsaw (Av. Bohaterów Września 12 and Puławska Street 531)

  8. The Voucher shall not be exchanged for cash in whole or in part and shall not be returned to the issuer. The above shall also apply if the Voucher is not redeemed within the validity period.

  9. The voucher cannot be cancelled or blocked.

  10. As Vouchers are bearer cards, redemption of a Voucher will also constitute a valid transaction if the Holder comes into possession of the Voucher in an unauthorised manner.

  11. The issuer shall not be liable for the loss, damage or destruction of the Voucher after its purchase by the Purchaser or for its unauthorised use by third parties.

III. Terms of use of the Voucher

1. The issuer shall only accept for realisation in the online shop Vouchers that have been presented for realisation within their expiry date.

2. The Holder shall redeem the Voucher by paying for the Goods using the funds allocated to the code on the Voucher. 

3. Only one Voucher may be used in the online shop during the checkout process.

4. In the event that the value of the Goods purchased is higher than the current nominal value of the Voucher, the Holder shall pay the difference in price in cash, by payment card or credit card.

5. The Voucher may be used only once. It is not possible to use the funds assigned on the Voucher more than once.

6.  The issuer has the right to refuse to redeem the Voucher in the event of:

a. the Voucher's expiry date,

b. the Voucher is damaged to an extent preventing the data recorded on the Voucher from being read and entered correctly into the system

c. it is technically impossible to process the Voucher (in particular when it is impossible to obtain a connection to the issuer's IT system), with the provision that in the case referred to in c. the issuer shall process the Voucher immediately after the removal of the interference indicated in that point,


IV. Voucher type, activation and charging

  1. Vouchers are restricted to bearer cards only.

  2. The Voucher is activated when the issuer issues the Voucher to the Purchaser, after the Purchaser has paid certain amounts of money.

  3. The Voucher is valid and active for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date the issuer issues the Voucher to the Purchaser.


V. Settlement and complaints about the Voucher


  1. When the Voucher is issued, the Purchaser shall receive a non-fiscal document from the Issuer confirming the purchase and the nominal value of the Voucher being purchased.

  2. Any complaints relating to the use of the Voucher in the Issuer's Store will be dealt with by the Issuer immediately, but no later than within 14 days of the date on which the Holder submits the complaint in writing.

  3. Complaints can be made to the email address [email protected]

  4. Complaints concerning the purchased Goods can be submitted on general terms and conditions.

VI. Final Provisions.

The Regulations are valid from 22.04.2022 until further notice.

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